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Arizona ASA has entered into a softball development partnership with One Dream Zero LLC (1DZD). State-wide clinics will be led by former Arizona Wildcat Pitcher Estela Piñon and former Sun Devil Pitcher Dallas Escobedo, who played for the Chicago Bandits and PA Rebellion respectively in National Pro Fastpitch during the summer of 2014. 1DZD will run clinics within Arizona exclusively through Amateur Softball Association (ASA), the National Governing Body of softball in the United States.

The mission of 1DZD Softball is to assist clients, both players and coaches, in capitalizing off their marketability. To heighten the overall skill level of #FutureGen athletes through camps and clinics. To help parents learn better ways to market their #FutureGen athletes to College coaches and to give #FutureGen coaches better skills through coaching clinics.

Arizona ASA State Commissioner, Don Fishel, is excited to have Estella and Dallas both be part of the Arizona ASA Program. These two professional pitchers will work with “Individually Registered” ASA players and coaches prior to, during, or at the conclusion of certain Arizona ASA Girls Fast-Pitch Tournaments.
Piñon commented, “I never thought growing up that I would have an outlet that would allow me to play softball after college and I’ve now had the chance to do just that. I want to use the clinics to help #FutureGen players grow into strong athletes and leaders. The biggest reward for me is going to be seeing the girls I work with land that college scholarship and hopefully have an opportunity to play professionally.” Escobedo also shared her thoughts, “This is an exciting time in my career as a professional athlete, through this partnership, I’ll be able to reach a tremendous amount of #FutureGen players and give back to the organization that was responsible for helping me develop.”

State Commissioner Don Fishel hopes to see the clinics in 2015 to provide Pitching, Fielding, Sliding, and Batting instruction from several 1DZD Staff. Mr. Fishel also hopes Coaching Clinics will be available.

Arizona ASA will promote and facilitate the state-wide clinics, while all registration fees will be collected by 1DZD on their site www.1d0dsoftball.com/upcoming-events.html

Please go to Tournament ASA and notice the upcoming ASA tournaments that include 1DZD clinics.

Effect Immediately, Pitching Clinics and Player Drills;

Saturday, October 18th (8am – 10am) - Arizona Octoberfest Champions – Tucson AZ
Tournament Director – Joseph Eiserman – 520 906-3040
1DZD Staff – Estela Piñon

Saturday, October 25th (8am – 10am) – 2nd Annual Cottonwood Clinic – Cottonwood AZ.
Tournament Director – Don Fishel – 928 420-5675
1DZD Staff – Estela Piñon

Saturday & Sunday, November 15-16 (TBA) – Bullhead City River Classic – Bullhead City AZ.
Tournament Director – Dale Poole – 928 300-6764

All participants pertaining to the 1DZD Clinics must also be participating in that particular ASA Tournament.

Cost - $60 per play up to four. If five or more players E-mail 1DZD at below address for pricing.

* Contact One Dream Zero Distraction one week prior to said clinic OR pay cash on-site to 1DZD Staff.

* If planning to pay on-site, E-mail 1DZD at talent1d0d@gmail.com

* Pitchers need to have their own catcher on-site

Official Site www.1d0dsoftball.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/1d0dsoftball
Twitter www.twitter.com/1dzdsoftball

We are excited to begin our first year transition to our new registration calendar season to better follow our ASA National Championship Calendar of September 1-August 31 season. As the www.registerasa.com  site is now “live” and ready for you to register your team or league for the 2015 season, there are a few changes to the site. If you go to the bottom of your home plate when you log in, you will see a “more documents” link to get all the help you need in registering your team or league.

The following steps are listed for you to individually register your Arizona ASA team through www.registerasa.com:

Login to www.registerasa.com
Go to your 2014 team and click add team to new season button
Create your 2015 team by adding coaches, players, yourself as team admin.
Note: NEW FOR 2015: You won’t be able to see your team until your background check clears so please create the invoice, and then send the invoice with payment minus the $200 to your registrar:
Address to send invoice and payment to is at the top of your invoice.

We will begin your background checks when we receive the invoice with payment so we can approve you as team admin once your background check clears.

All checks made payable to Arizona ASA
Your area Registrar Contact:
Southern/Central Districts: Tom Carle
Northern Districts: Rick Hormann

As we understand that if you are individually registered for the 2014 season through Arizona ASA, you are covered through December, 31 2014 for your 2014 team. As we are now into the 2015 season, we need you to decide to either wait to re-register your 2015 team sometime before December 31, 2014 which will only give your team 8 months of membership, insurance, etc. for your 2015 team or register your team now and take advantage of 12 months of membership, insurance, etc for your 2015 team.

If you are wanting to wait until later this year to re-register your team and want to add a couple of players to your roster, you will need to still go to your 2014 team, add team to new season and only register yourself as coach and team admin and add the couple players to your team for 2015. All the 2014 players will still be eligible to play through December 31, 2014 but will then need to be added to your new 2015 team after the 2014 season.

If you are a brand new team that are joining our organization for 2015, please create a profile and add yourself as a team admin and coach. You can then create your team info and then add your members.
Attached are some pdf documents to assist you with registering a team, registering a league or frequently asked questions about injury claims, ace certification or www.registerasa.com in general.

How to Register a Team
How to Register a League
Registerasa.com Frequently Asked Questions
Injury Claim Frequently Asked Questions
ACE Certification Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any assistance please contact either Tom or myself:

Tom Carle: 520-906-4330
Rick Hormann: 928-442-6450

We are looking forward to a great 2015 season as Arizona ASA will be hosting a multitude of tournament opportunities for your team. Arizona ASA will also be hosting the 2015 14UB Western National Championship in Prescott, Arizona. For more information on the 2014 remaining tournament calendar and upcoming 2015 calendar, please visit our tournament website at www.tournamentasa.com and click on Girls Fast Pitch, then Arizona.

Once you register as an Arizona ASA team through www.registerasa.com, your team will have many benefits, including the best insurance policy in the Nation. Click the benefits of becoming members of Arizona ASA document to see what your team or league can take advantage of by registering with us.

Become a MEMBER of Arizona ASA

We look forward to assisting you with your team or league. Please do not hesitate in contacting our J.O. Staff with any questions you might have. You can find the J.O. Staff Contact information by clicking on the contacts tab to the left of our website page.

Rick Hormann
Arizona ASA State JO Commissioner


Arizona ASA to change JO Registration
(Printable Version)

Arizona ASA will be joining 22 other ASA Associations in restructuring our Junior Olympic Registration dates from the traditional January 1-December 31 timeline to September 1-August 31 to better correlate the National Championship Tournament Calendar. As many teams begin recruiting and conducting tryouts right after the National Championships, we are restructuring our registration schedule to help teams put together their new teams in September after the ASA/USA National Championships and Western National Championships are concluded.


Why did we decided to join the other 22 associations with this registration change?

1. The time frame better matches the normal playing season evolution of our teams. After National Championship play in August, teams reform, and players move up to begin the next year of competition.

2. It allows your team the opportunity to purchase the best insurance policy in youth sports, Bollinger Insurance that can be utilized in ANY friendly, practice or other outside organizations tournaments as all other organizations begin their team registration season September-August, without having to wait until January for your newly formed team after tryouts.

3. For the teams who have high school playing athletes on their roster, gives your team September-February to play in tournaments, etc. as opposed to registering in January and only having two months as a team before you lose players to high school teams.

4. For our association that has the ability to play in most of the state year round, it gives all of teams in the Central and Southern District the ability to utilize the team registration the entire year leading up to Nationals. Also gives your team more time to prepare for National Championships if you qualify to go.

How will this effect teams that are registered for 2014 that started in January 2014?

Arizona ASA teams that have registered in 2014 are valid until December 31, 2014. However, for the 2015 season, the registration period will end, August 31, 2015.

What are we doing to assist your team with this transition?

Arizona ASA is conducting a tournament in Prescott, Arizona, August 23-24 called the Registration Kick-Off Classic. We are giving all teams who participate in this tournament a $200 credit towards purchasing your 2015 team registration through
www.registerasa.com. To register for this tournament, please go to www.tournamentasa.com and click on girls fast pitch, then Arizona ASA. You can log in with your tournamentasa.com account and register for the tournament.

We believe, like many of the other ASA Associations who have made the switch from January 1-December 31 to the NEW September 1-August 31 registration period will better serve our Junior Olympics teams. If you have any questions in regards to this change, please contact the J.O. State Commissioner.

Rick Hormann at 928-442-6450 or rhormann65@gmail.com




 A” State Champions

  • 14U-Arizona Storm-Mizuno- Glendale

  • 16U-Mizuno Storm-Beach- Phoenix

  • 18U-Hotshots-Dolan- Mesa 

“B” State Champions

  • 10U-Desert Thunder Cole-02- Tucson

  • 12U-Black Cats- Oro Valley

  • 16U-Hot Peppers-Sierra Vista

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Arizona ASA has our NEW Youth Foundation, and please consider donating your 2012 charitable funding (IRS deductible) to our 501c3 Corporation.

Our Board of Directors will use all charitable funding to allow the following improvements in our Youth Program:

  1. Scholarships for youth ASA registered players

  2. Team Travel subsidy for 2013 ASA JO National Championships

  3. Facility Improvements for Arizona ASA Partners (Field Owners)

  4. JO Coaches – Educational  (Clinics/Schools/ ACE)

  5. Youth ASA Registered Umpires – Educational (Clinics) &Travel Subsidy for 2013 ASA National Tournaments

Visit the Arizona Amateur Softball Association Youth Foundation Page on this website!!!


Article 106 P 03 Player Release is for a player that has participated on a team in championship play. They may be released from a team after participating in Championship Play, but it shall be prior to the State/Metro Association roster change deadline and shall have written approval from the Coach and Player / Parent Guardian ( if under age 18 ). For Junior Olympic Players, if the Manager/Coach and Parent/Guardian are one and the same, there needs to be an additional Manager/Coach signature. For Adult Players, if the Manager/Coach and Player are one and the same, there needs to be an additional Manager/Coach signature. The Player Release Form must be approved via signature by the State/Metro Commissioner or his/her designee. 

Please note that the attached form (also available on the ASA Portal) must be signed by the Player or Parent/Guardian (if under age 18), the Coach/Manager, and the Local Association Commissioner or designee to legal. This form also needs to accompany both the roster that the player was released from as well as any new roster that the player will be going on. 

  1. A player can be released from a Qualified or NON Qualified team.
  2. A released player can only be added to a NON Qualified teams roster.
  3. A released player can be added via the pickup player form to a Qualified team for the National Championship Finals. (Article 503 of the ASA Code) 
  4. There are no written restrictions how many times this could be used per the Code. - but it is also up to the Commissioner to approve each release  
    ASA Player Release Form


Arizona ASA has teamed up with Tournamentasa.com to provide a new tournament registration site for our Arizona ASA State JO Tournaments.  TournamentMVP is designed for Coaches to find and register their team for ASA tournaments. 

Once you become a member with tournamentasa.com (at no additional cost) you create your team and are ready to enter tournaments on the Arizona ASA Tournamentasa.com website.  This is a tournament registration site only.  You would still register your team on www.registerasa.com for insurance, player cards and rosters for ASA tournaments. 

The website will allow you as a coach to view whose coming, see pool play and elimination brackets updated as games complete and view the location of each tournament site with directions and more.   

With many of the other ASA State Association’s partnering with this website, you will be able to have access to our surrounding state’s tournament pages and see who’s coming to their tournaments as well. 

We are excited to partner with this new website and look forward to providing the best tournament registration site ASA has to offer to our teams.

For more information about this new tournament website, please visit:


Rick Hormann
Arizona ASA
State JO Commissioner


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