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May 2016 Rule Clarifications and Plays

April 2016 Rule Clarifications and Plays

March 2016 Rule Clarifications and Plays

February 2016 Rule Clarifications and Plays

January 2016 Rule Clarifications and Plays

Click Here for a complete list of current and previous Rule Clarifications and Plays available on the National ASA/USA Web Site.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to open the Rule changes. If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the link below to install the free version of this software on your computer.

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USA Softball Mobile App

The USA Softball App provides the latest in news, results and videos from Team USA athletes and events across the globe. Fans who download the app will have access on-the-go, connecting their devices to USA Softball athlete stories, photos, videos and social media. Some of the app features include:
  • Get all the latest in breaking news, including competition results, Team USA announcements and ASA/USA Softball stories across the country.
  • Watch live-streaming from ASA/USA Softball events across the U.S. or search through our video library for previous World Cup, National Championships and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Find anything and everything about members of the USA Softball National Teams, including social media accounts, photo galleries and athlete profiles.
  • Locate an ASA/USA Softball event near you, including Team USA tour stops, international competitions and ASA Hall of Fame Complex events.
  • Shuffle through our expansive photo galleries from tournaments, contests and Team USA events.
  • Easy access to ASA/USA Softball's social media accounts.
  • Links to SoftballOutlet.com, where fans can shop at the official ASA/USA Softball online store.
  • Help keep athletes in the Red, White and Blue with links to support USA Softball through donation opportunities.

Official Rules of Softball

Stay on top of the game by learning the Official Rules of Softball, as published by the Amateur Softball Association of America.

Now available for iOS (iPhones/iPads) and for Android devices, find out how our Apps can help you learn the rules of softball. The app includes a free copy of the Umpire Manual and an interactive map with local Umpire-In-Chief contact information.

   iPhones, iPads
   Download Now!
   Android phones & tables
   Download Now!

Note:  The ASA's printed rule book is not for sale. Rulebooks are included with registration materials when you register as an Umpire. Find out more about registering as an umpire with Arizona ASA by clicking here.

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Birthdays of the Month

The Arizona Amateur Softball Association State Umpire Staff wants to recognize our Umpires who are celebrating Birthdays this month.

Some people were "Born to be Wild" and others, like you, were "Born to be ASA Umpires".

  H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y    to each and every one of you and our best wishes for good health and happiness for many, many years to come.

Congratulations and have a great Birthday!


  1   Bill Rinnemaki
May Day




Cinco de Mayo Day

Rodney Lichtenberger

Steven Rysavy

  8   Albert Arndt
       Roman Chavira
Mothers Day

David Bennett




Alex Ramirez




Andrew Larson
John Moore

Chuck Reyes


Gregory Houston



Lupe Jimenez


Don McCombs

Amanda Alba

Jack Bedwell

Tammy Sherrard


  30   Mackenzie Chambers
         Rick Hormann
         Thomas Manzo
Memorial Day


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Announcement! Proud to be ASA Mark the Date!
Block your date and mark your calendars now!
Arizona Amateur Softball Association Umpires
Announce 2016 Clinic Dates
Exact Locations of future clinics will be published
These Clinics are FREE to all ASA/USA Softball Registered Umpires
All Clinics feature classroom and on-field instruction
Continental breakfast, light lunch, snacks and drinks

Central District Clinics

POSTPONED !!! Slow Pitch Clinic Saturday, April 2nd — Phoenix Area
    *** This Clinic has been POSTPONED !!! —
        To be Re-Scheduled for a FUTURE date ***

Attendance will help improve your Rules, Mechanics, Knowledge and Professionalism.
Learn from the Best of the Best.

Clinicians will include Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch WBSC (ISF) Certified Umpires, "Elite" Umpires and other experienced Arizona ASA/USA Softball Umpire Staff.
Announcement! Proud to be ASA Proud to be ASA Mark the Date!
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An important message about updates to
ASA/USA Softball's Certified Bats

JAN. 22, 2016, 2:11 P.M. (ET)

The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA)/USA Softball, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, in working with Easton Baseball/Softball Inc. (Easton), announced today that Easton is voluntarily removing the following softball bat models from the ASA/USA list of certified bats: SCN1, SCN11BH, SCN1B, SCN2B, SCN3, SCN4B, SCN5, SCN5B, SCN6B, SCN7, SCN7B, SCN8, SCN8B, SCN9, SCX14, SCX14B, SCX24B, AND SCX3.

Other organizations that currently use ASA's bat performance standards such as the NCAA, NFHS, NAIA, NJCAA may restrict such bats from play in 2016 and beyond.

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The 2016 ASA Umpire Exam is Available On-Line Now!

Please take the Exam as soon as possible.

GET IN THE BOOK and work on the Rules portion of your game!

Begin your exam by clicking here.

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Umpires are encouraged to pay via PayPal with Debit or Credit Card or using their PayPal Account.

AZ ASA Umpires — Information and Why Umpire ASA ??
Registration Fees pay STRONG Benefits back to you !!


The Registration Fee to become a registered ASA Umpire remains at:
$65.00 for "Certified" — $55.00 for "Registered"
$35.00 for "Youth" (umpires 18 years of age and under) — $35.00 for "Affiliated Member"

For 2016, we have added a fourth level of registration: Affiliated Member.

This category is for AIA/NFHS or any other umpires wanting to take advantage of the ASA Umpire training. The fee for an "Affiliated Member" is $35.00 and includes the opportunity to attend any Arizona ASA training sessions, access to the ASA Umpire Exam, and an ASA Rule book and Umpire Manual.

"Affiliated Members" will not be subject to an ASA background check and will not normally be considered to work any ASA leagues and/or tournaments. If an "Affiliated Member" wishes to work ASA events, s/he must upgrade their registration to a "Certified" or "Registered" Status, pay the fee difference, and pass the ASA background check if desiring to work youth contests.


Arizona ASA offers competitive game fees and travel allowances. AZ ASA pays $35.00 for Invitational Tournaments and $37.00 for Championship Play. Each umpire traveling in excess of 60 miles to an Arizona Tournament Site is provided a $25.00 Travel Allowance. Umpires are paid on-site, so no waiting for payday. For Tournaments within the State of Arizona, when required, lodging is fully paid for the traveling umpires. If selected for major assignments such as the Champions Cup in California or the Annual Pioneers Day Tournament in Utah, you will receive a substantial Travel Allowance. If selected as a Host Exchange umpire for a National Championship either your plane fare will be paid or, if driving, the IRS mileage rate will be paid. Not paying for training, unless a National Umpire School or an Advanced Camp, is a huge benefit offered by AZ ASA. Many Associations across the country charge for Clinics and Field Mechanics Clinics, but ALL training sessions for AZ ASA Umpires are FREE! There are usually at least five (5) to seven (7) Annual Rules and Field Mechanics Clinics to choose from on an annual basis that are conveniently located throughout Arizona. Your attendance at a Clinic will entitle you to five (5) free uniform and equipment raffle tickets. If you are umpiring at an ASA Invitational Tournament with more than 15 Teams, you will have a highly skilled and trained UIC who will provide you game feedback and, when requested, an on field evaluation of a plate and a base game. If selected for Championship Play you will receive extensive feedback on your game performance and each umpire assigned will receive a detailed written game Evaluation Report with an overall rating

For those serious about umpiring, the ASA training is the best available in any sports organization today. National, regional, and local mechanic schools and rules clinics are scheduled each spring and, in many cases, in the fall for new umpires beginning at that time of year. Training is similar at each level, as described in the ASA Umpire Manual. Whether plate mechanics, base positioning, signals, working with players and coaches, or just tips in umpiring, the Manual is the most complete training guide available. To assist the local training official, ASA provides training aides through a Clinic Guide, instructional DVD videos, school mechanics drill books, an umpire examination, meeting quizzes, and a "Case Book." ASA also offers online access to various applications that will place rules and mechanics as well as Codes and Procedures at your fingertips on your mobile devices. Insurance for the ASA umpire is by far the best for any sport or organization and includes a $5,000,000 liability policy, an accidental injury policy with maximum benefit of $100,000 for any accidental injury arising out of the amateur softball activities (including clinics and schools), and games, leagues, and tournaments involving ASA registered teams. The medical expense coverage is provided on an excess basis. It also includes an accidental death and dismemberment policy, as well as a dental coverage that will pay the actual expense incurred for treatments to sound and natural teeth, with a $500 limit for each individual tooth.

An umpire uniform and leisurewear program is available to each registered umpire, so that he/she will be able to purchase and wear the official ASA uniform with pride. Whether it be shirt, cap, pants, shoes or ball bag, or any of the variety of protective equipment, or optional wear such as sunglasses, the ASA program has it. Arizona ASA has an Authorized Uniform and Equipment Dealer who ships directly from Arizona saving both time and money. Our Dealer also brings Uniforms and Equipment to sell at Clinics, so no waiting at all and you have the benefit of seeing, feeling and trying on the products! Contact information on the AZ ASA Uniform dealer is available on this Web Site under Umpires Info.

ASA registered umpires are selected to officiate in metro, state, regional and national championships, and as the national governing body for softball in the US, ASA is the only organization in the US which softball umpires can apply for International Softball Federation certification and have the opportunity to umpire in World Championships, Regional Games (Pan Am Games) or the Olympic Games. World Cup events held in Plant City Florida also are open to ASA umpires who have completed a "Qualifier" Seminar.

ASA umpires are rewarded for their years of service and expertise through the Medals Program, the National Indicator Fraternity, ISF Certification, and possibly the National Hall of Fame. No other organization has this various assortment of rewards programs for their umpires.

Yes, it pays to be an ASA umpire. From expert training through being rewarded for individual umpire achievements, ASA offers the most to help each umpire achieve his/her goal - To Be The Best He/She Can Be, and to reach the level their skills will take them to.

Click here to download the ASA Background Check Release and Authorization Form for Independent Contractors and Volunteers Disclosure and Authorization Form.

Mail your completed form to:

      29834 N. CAVE CREEK ROAD, SUITE 118-294
      CAVE CREEK, AZ  85331

Click HERE and Register now!

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AZ ASA Elite Umpires

AZ ASA Elite Umpires


At the 2015 ASA Council Meeting held 31 Oct – 6 November in Louisville, Kentucky the National Umpire Staff selected Rob Dunn from Prescott Valley, AZ and Justin Lauby from Tempe, AZ as an "Elite" Umpires. Rob Dunn and Justin Lauby have now joined an "ELITE" group of Men and Women with their selection as an Amateur Softball Association "ELITE" Umpire in the Slow Pitch category. Please join the AZ ASA Umpire Staff in congratulating these outstanding Arizona ASA Umpires for their significant accomplishments and great achievements. The Arizona ASA Umpire Staff as well as State Commission Don Fishel, take great pride in the success of others and we could not be more pleased and proud of Rob and Justin. Their selection as Elite Umpire is a tremendous accomplishment considering ASA has over 30,000 registered umpires and now, after the selection of the 2015 Group of Elite Umpires, there are only approximately 400 Elite Umpires in ASA. Without a doubt, Rob Dunn and Justin Lauby are now among the Best of the Best!

With Robís and Justinís selection, Arizona ASA now has 25 ASA/USA Elite Umpires 15 who remain active. Arizona ASA has 12 "Elite" Umpires in the Fast Pitch Category, 11 "Elite" Umpires in the Slow Pitch Category and two AZ ASA Umpires are "Elite" in both the Fast Pitch and the Slow Pitch Categories. This reward program is the highest honor an ASA umpire can obtain other than selection to the ASA Hall of Fame. For complete information on the ASA/USA Softball "Elite" Program for umpires, including qualifications and application procedures, please visit the link below.


A complete list of Arizona ASA/USA Softball "Elite" Umpires is below.

AZ ASA Elite Umpires

*Indicates that these umpires are also International Certified Umpires with the World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC), formerly International Softball Federation (ISF). Only Burns and Magwire remain active. Additional information on qualifications and training required for International Certification can be found at the link below.


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2016 ASA PLAYING RULE Changes & Comments

Updated 11/19/2015

The following links are for the 2016 Code, Procedural Manual and Rule Changes with Comments.

** In the event of a conflict in language between any printed version of the Code and the version on the website, the website version controls.

NEW 2016 Playing Rules Changes with Comments - (Updated 11/19/2015)

NEW 2016 Code Changes with Comments - (Updated 11/20/2015)

NEW 2016 Procedural Manual Changes with Comments - (Updated 11/19/2015)

2015 ASA/USA Softball Code - (Updated 1/13/15)

2015 Procedural Manual - (Updated 1/6/15)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to open the Rule changes. If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the link below to install the free version of this software on your computer.

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ASA/USA Softball announces 2015-2016 National Umpire Schools

October 13, 2015

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America and USA Softball announced 11 ASA/USA Softball National Umpire Schools, including an Advanced National Umpire School for Fast Pitch, that will take place across the country from Dec. 2015 through June 2016. The schools will take place in 11 states: California, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.

"These 10 ASA/USA National Umpire Schools and the Advanced Fast Pitch Camp are designed to teach umpires at every level the ins and outs of being an ASA/USA umpire," said ASA/USA Director of Umpires Kevin Ryan.  "They are also designed to leave the umpires with training ideas to go back to their Local Association and share with their complete umpire program.  To continue to learn and lead while on and off the field is something ASA/USA Softball holds in the highest regard.  Attending one of these schools would be extremely beneficial to all who attend."

Click here to see the full list of 2015-2016 ASA/USA National Umpire Schools.

Each ASA/USA National Umpire School is run by a team of National Umpire staff members, who serve as the clinicians. With a ratio of at least one clinician per 25-30 students, each participant will receive hands-on personal instruction on both fast pitch and slow pitch umpiring including base and plate mechanics. At the Fast Pitch Advanced Umpire School, instruction is focused on fast pitch only while the ratio is one instructor per 10 students.

Registration fees for National Umpire Schools vary by location. To register for an upcoming National Umpire School or an Advanced Umpire School, please contact the school coordinator listed on the National Umpire School section of ASAUSASoftball.com.   Please note that only certain schools are currently open for registration.

About ASA/USA Softball

Founded in 1933, the Amateur Softball Association (ASA)/USA Softball is the National Governing Body Softball in the United States and a member of the United States Olympic Committee. One of the nationís largest sports organizations, ASA/USA Softball sanctions competition in every state through a network of 74 local associations and has grown from a few hundred teams in the early days to over 165,000 teams today, representing a membership of more than 2.5 million. ASA/USA is responsible for training, equipping and promoting the six USA Softball National Teams that compete in international and domestic competitions. The USA Softball Womenís National Team is one of only two womenís sports involved in the Olympic movement to capture three consecutive gold medals at the Olympic Games since 1996. The U.S. women have also won nine World Championship titles as well as claimed eight World Cup of Softball titles. For more information about ASA/USA Softball, please visit http://www.asausasoftball.com/.


The purpose of the ASA National Umpire School is to develop each student's individual talents and skills as an umpire. Because of your interest, we realize that you have the pride and attitude it takes to become one of the best softball umpires in the nation. Our goal is to bring out the best in your talent and ability.

Each ASA National Umpire School is run by a team of no less than three National Umpire staff members. Each member is an experienced instructor with a boundless knowledge of all aspects of the game of softball. With a ratio of at least one clinician per 25 students, each participant will receive hands-on personal instruction throughout the school.

Contact the school coordinator shown below for an application and payment information. Following is a list of 2014-15 ASA National Umpire Schools:


Date Location Region / Type Coordinator Phone
December 4-6, 2015 San Antonio, TX Region 7 Marvin Cobb 210.391.5693
January 22-24, 2016 Burlington, NC Region 4 Phil King 919.524.6246
January 29-31, 2016 Plant City, FL Region 5 Anthony Small 863.409.7250
January 29-31, 2016 Halawa District Park, HI Region 14 Stan Finch 808.448.1050
January 29-31, 2016 Tustin, CA Region 14 James Walker 310.529.4555
February 12-14, 2016 Tupelo, MS Region 6 Davey Cole 662.213.0825
March 4-6, 2016 Plainfield, IN Region 10 Matt Davis 317.363.6379
March 18-20, 2016 Findlay, OH Region 9 Warren Jones 419.651.3335
April 1-3, 2016 Oxford, MI Region 8 Bob Lawson 248.719.3951
April 1-3, 2016 Ralston, NE Region 12 John Patrick 402.305.2627
June 14-19, 2016 Salem/Blacksburg, VA Fast Pitch Randy Sprouse 703.507.8320
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The Umpires listed below umpired in 2015 ASA National Championship Tournaments OR International Championships. Congratulations to the Arizona ASA Umpires who worked these Championships. Your State Commissioner, Don Fishel, and your State Umpire-in-Chief, Wally Latall, are very proud of these umpires. A total of 32 Arizona Umpires worked National Championships this year either as an At-Large Selection, Rotational Selection, Host Exchange, Host Assignment or WBSC (ISF) International Assignment. We also had Arizona Umpires assigned as the Championship Umpire-in-Chief, Assistant Umpire-in-Chief and as Umpire Coordinator or Assistant Umpire Coordinator. Arizona ASA Umpires represented our Association in 12 different Tournaments traveling to 8 different States and there was an International Assignment in Canada. Also listed are the Umpires selected who worked Special Olympics International Assignments.

Those Arizona Umpires who served as an Umpire-in-Chief or an Assistant Umpire-in-Chief or as Umpire Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator are indicated and all other umpires were working umpires.

AZ ASA Championship Umpires
AZ ASA Championship Umpires
AZ ASA Championship Umpires
AZ ASA Championship Umpires

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Fast Pitch Foreign Substance

Chrome / Mirrored Style Batting Helmet

REVISED INTERPRETATION: Batting All Players (Junior Olympic Fast Pitch)

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The Umpire of the Year Award is presented each year to selected umpires in front of their peers at Annual District Rules and Mechanics Clinics. This program was developed to recognize umpires who have distinguished themselves through their on field performance at the local level during State Championship Play and, in many cases, other Championship Play and during National Championship Play.

Click Here to view the Umpire of the Year Award Recipients for 2014.

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Click on the image to enlarge:

AZ ASA Districts

In 2015, the Arizona ASA Umpires will provide supervision and management for Arizona ASA Umpires, one again, under the umbrella of three (3) Districts, not Four (4). The North District and the West District are being combined to form the Northwest District which will be under the charge of John Vecs. The previous North District Deputy UICís will now become Northwest Deputy District UICís.

The District UICís and the areas of their responsibilities are as listed below.

Northwest District - UIC John Vecs - responsible for the Counties of Mohave, La Paz, Yuma, Yavapai, Coconino, Navajo and Apache

Central District - UIC TBD - responsible for the Counties of Maricopa and Gila

South District - UIC Tim Jackson - responsible for the Counties of Pinal, Pima, Santa Cruz, Greenlee, Graham and Cochise

A revised Organization Chart, including names, titles and contact phone numbers is posted on the AZ ASA Umpire Staff Contact Information Section posted at the bottom of this page.

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New Easton Bats Approved for ASA

From Kevin Ryan, ASA/USA Softball Director of Umpires

Click to enlarge image

ASA Umpires:

We have a new Easton Bat that has been submitted for approval, approved and posted on the ASA/USA Equipment website. The Model name of this bat is the Mako Torq. The bat has a rotating handle. The bottom of the handle, approximately 4 inches, and knob rotate. The grip is a two piece grip butted together and meets our rule, Rule 3, Section 1D.

We are pointing this out because of the rotating handle and knob. We need to make sure we as umpires realize that this handle design, even though it rotates, does not violate ASA/USA rules. As umpires we have always checked the joint on two piece bats and if the joint was loose and or rotated we took that bat out of play. In this case the handle by design will rotate. Education of our umpires about this design is essential so that we do not remove this bat from Championship play.

Click on this video to see how it works.

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     Touching Bases
The Official Newsletter for Arizona ASA Umpires

Now Available On-Line!

Click on the links below to get info and stay up-to-date on all the events and activities of Arizona ASA Umpires. Issues feature rules and mechanics tips, photos, feature articles, umpire recognition and much more!

Touching Bases, Vol I Issue 1 - January 2014

Touching Bases, Vol I Issue 2 - March 2014

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to open the Rule changes. If you do not currently have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the link below to install the free version of this software on your computer.

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At the request of Louisville Slugger, the following three bat models are being removed from the ASA Approved Softball Bat List effective immediately.

The Model Numbers are:

FP136, FP1369 and FP1368

The three removed bat models are noted in the link below from Louisville Slugger. Please go to this Link to read more information:
http://www.slugger.com/fastpitch/consumer onex letter - final.pdf

Please see www.slugger.com/fastpitch/ for continual updates.

REMINDER: For all ASA Bat and Ball questions or inquiries, please see the following ASA Equipment Link:

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During the Equipment Testing and Certification Committee meeting on June 1, 2012; Rawlings Sporting Goods Company asked ASA to review the Cool Flow helmet with the snap fit face mask. After reviewing the helmet, it was determined that this helmet and facemask design met the intent of ASA Rule 3 Section 5E: OFFENSE: All adult fast pitch, modified pitch and all Junior Olympic offensive players, including the on-deck batter, and Junior Olympic players acting as coaches in the coachís box, must properly wear double ear flap NOCSAE approved batting helmets. All Junior Olympic batting helmets shall be equipped with chin straps. All Junior Olympic Fast Pitch batting helmets shall be equipped with a securely fastened NOCSAE approved face mask/guard. Batting helmets that are broken, cracked, dented, or that have been illegally altered are prohibited from use.

The question was, "Is the face mask securely fastened?" The answer is "yes." Based on the discussions, the Rawlings Cool Flow Batting Helmet with the snap fit face mask is approved for use in ASA Championship Play as long as both the mask and the helmet have the NOCSAE Certification approval on them. Please note the NOCSAE approval on the mask is on the inside of the mask. The model numbers are: PL1, PL1W, PLDLX, UBH, CFBH, CFBHM, CFEX, CFMAT, and CFHL.

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Below is the definition approved by the ASA Equipment Testing and Certification Committee for the description of a senior bat that will meet Rule 3 Section 1A Exception in our 2012 Rulebook:

All bats used in ASA play for the Senior Divisions must be Official Softball Bats certified by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and / or marked BPF 1.21 or less. Bats must have their original paint markings for complete identification. These bats must still meet all other provisions of Rule 3 Section 1 and pass all bat inspections performed by the National Championship Finals Tournament Officials. The Miken Ultra is not allowed (the Miken Ultra II is allowed).

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AZ ASA Organization Chart

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Wally Latall

State Umpire-In-Chief

29834 N. Cave Creek Rd. Suite 118-294

Cave Creek, AZ  85331

Mobile:  602-999-9392

Home Office:  480-419-2787


Andy Williams
Deputy State Umpire-in-Chief
9524 W Camelback Rd
Ste 130-189
Glendale, AZ  85305
Phone: 602-292-0176
Wayne Fulton
Deputy State Umpire-in-Chief - Special Programs
2030 N 73rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85035
Phone: 623-261-6053
Aaron Burns
Deputy State Umpire-in-Chief - Umpire Training & Development
16205 S 35th Street
Phoenix, AZ  85048
Phone: 480-765-1728
  Geri Magwire
Deputy UIC Administration
Webmaster and Data Base Administrator

Phone: 480-220-2576
John Vecs
Northwest District UIC
2050 Polaris Dr
Lake Havasu, AZ  86403
Phone: 425-359-6652
Central District UIC
Tim Jackson
South District UIC
13860 Cienega Creek Drive
Vail, AZ  85641
Phone: 520-360-2473
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